Villas for rent in Swieqi

Rent villas for short or long-term stays in Swieqi. One of the most popular holiday destinations in Malta, there are many good accommodation options here. Choose from 1, 2, or 3-bedroom villas with pool, garden, terrace with sea view, comfortable spacious rooms and many other luxuries. There are villas with more rooms as well to accommodate additional guests. High quality service assured.

Swieqi is one of the most popular beaches in Malta. It is located between Mellieha and Gozo, two other popular beaches in the area. Swieqi is a developed area where you will find many hotels, restaurants, beach shacks, bars, cafes, spas, jewelry stores, souvenir shops, boutiques, supermarkets, and clubs.

The Best Villas in Swieqi

Porto Villa — Luxury villa for rent in Swieqi
7 BR, Swieqi
Porto is a 7-bedroom luxury villa for rent in north Malta, in the town of Swieqi. It has a beautiful whitewashed façade and looks...

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